That’s why the Corona warning app is more effective than Luca

The Corona-Warn-App was intended to simplify contact tracing and curb the spread of infection, especially at the beginning of the pandemic – but technical and legal problems quickly put the app on the sidelines. The Luca app has established itself particularly in the catering and event industry. Read here why the Corona-Warn-App is still the better solution.

The main focus of the applications, or apps for short, should be the tracking of visitors or contact persons – the Luca app was in direct contact with the health authorities. The most important part of the software was therefore the check-in in the catering trade or at other events. However, additional functions are not available with Luca.

Corona warning app: All functions packed in one app

The Corona-Warn-App (CWA) has the following functions:

  • anonymous risk assessment
  • Check-in at events and gastronomy, also with QR codes from the Luca app
  • Creation of own meetings and events
  • Scan of test certificates
  • Scan of vaccination certificates
  • Scan of recovery certificates

Corona warning app: Fast warning possible

Above all, the anonymous risk determination is a big advantage over the Luca app. If a person tests positive, they can use the CWA to automatically and anonymously share this test result with everyone in their area who also has the CWA installed. The risk determination thus shows a yellow or red warning depending on the contact status.

The Luca app, on the other hand, transmits the data to the health department, which informs the persons concerned directly. However, due to a lack of capacity in the offices, this process can be delayed – the result: Possibly infected contact persons can transmit the virus to others.

 The Corona-Warn-App is now a good and safe solution for breaking chains of infection, protecting yourself and others and having all the certificates relating to  Corona as a digital overview in one app. The more people use it, the more risk encounters can be identified and infection chains broken.


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