The 10 lowest calorie fruits

Fruit  is healthy because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Most types of fruit are also good for the figure because they contain only a few calories. However, this does not apply to all fruits: Some varieties, such as  bananas , have a relatively high calorie content. If you want to pay attention to your figure, it is therefore advisable to specifically choose low-calorie types of fruit. We introduce you to the 10 types of fruit with the fewest calories and tell you how many calories each piece of fruit contains. 


Acerola cherries originally come from Central and South America, but are also becoming increasingly popular here. This is not only due to their sour, fresh taste, but also to their valuable ingredients. Acerola cherries provide a lot of  vitamin C. Just a handful of these  cherries  is enough to meet an adult’s daily needs. And the best part is: Acerola cherries have almost no calories. 100 grams bring it to just 20 calories. So you can access here without any worries!


Strawberries  are plentiful, especially during the summer months. The sweet fruits not only taste unique fresh from the field, but also go well in cakes or as a fruity  smoothie  . Although strawberries taste sweet, they have hardly any calories: 100 grams contain only 32 calories. So make yourself a delicious strawberry salad for dessert more often in summer and do without ice cream. Your figure will be happy!


Watermelons  are a fruity, sweet refreshment that we especially like  to enjoy on warm summer days  . As the name suggests, watermelons are mostly – more than 90 percent to be exact – water. Since water has no calories, the  melon is  particularly good for the figure: 100 grams of watermelon only has 38 calories. It is best to buy fruit that has already been sliced ​​so that you can judge the degree of ripeness of the melon more easily. 

prickly pear

If you like exotic fruits or would like to try something new, you should buy some prickly pears in the supermarket. When buying, make sure that the prickly pear feels a little soft – then it is ripe. The fruits have a sweet and sour taste and are full of important  vitamins . Since 100 grams of prickly pear have only 37 calories (piece: 29 calories), you can eat a second fruit!


Blueberries contain many phytochemicals that act as  antioxidants in the body  . They intercept free radicals and thus slow down skin aging, protect the cardiovascular system and are also said to be able to prevent cancer. Similar to raspberries, blueberries also have only a few calories: 100 grams of the delicious berries have just 36 calories. It is best to enjoy blueberries immediately after buying them, as they go bad easily!


Guaven sind wahre Vitamin-C-Bomben: 100 Gramm der exotischen Frucht enthalten nämlich rund 275 Milligramm Vitamin C – das ist etwa fünfmal so viel wie in einer Orange steckt. Auch sonst sind Guaven rund um gesund, sie sind beispielsweise noch reich an Kalzium und Eisen. Da Guaven äußerst kalorienarm sind – 100 Gramm bringen es gerade einmal auf 34 Kalorien (Stück: 17 Kalorien) – können Sie hier unbesorgt zugreifen. Achten Sie beim Kauf der Frucht darauf, dass die Schale schön glatt ist und auf Druck leicht nachgibt.

Rote Johannisbeeren

Sour is not only fun, but also healthy – currants are the best example of this. The red fruits are rich in vitamin C, iron and  potassium  and help our digestion. 100 grams of the small berries only add up to 33 calories – so there is no danger to the line even with excessive snacking. How you use the red berries – whether in a cake, in a fruit salad or as a delicious quark dish – is up to you. Enjoy your meal!


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