The 10 worst beauty traps

Every woman occasionally uses a few little tricks to make her eyes appear bigger, her lips fuller and her hair shinier. However, many people are perhaps less aware that things can go wrong in the process. We show you the ten worst beauty traps – from lipstick on your teeth to screwed up hair extensions. Plus: tips on how to avoid such slip-ups in the future.

Felt Extensions

Long, thick hair is the dream of many women. However, it can quickly become a nightmare when hair suddenly falls out in clumps, becomes matted or the  scalp becomes  inflamed. This is exactly what can happen with artificial hair extensions, so-called extensions, if you save at the wrong end.

Cheap extensions are usually made of silicone – this not only looks artificial and unnatural, but can also lead to allergic reactions. In addition, the plastic hair must not be dyed or treated with straighteners or curling irons.

But things can also go wrong with human hair extensions. Depending on the method, the hairpieces are either welded, knotted or ultrasonically connected to the hair. In any case, knots appear on the hair, which can become matted and visible as it grows out.

Extensions: Quality matters

In addition, straight women with thin, lifeless hair usually opt for extensions. With strong hair extensions, the unusual weight of the synthetic hair can pull on the hair roots in such a way that  tension headaches  occur or the hair even falls out completely. At this point at the latest, the hairpieces have to be removed in an often painful procedure. What then remains is usually even thinner, sensitive hair and a deep hole in your wallet.

If you really want fuller hair, you should still invest in a professional treatment. This costs 500 to 1,000 euros, but has a more natural and longer-lasting result. So: Better to dig deep into your pocket and have a long-term satisfactory result than to pay 300 euros for a bungler and be on the road again two weeks later with short, damaged hair.

Lipstick on your teeth

There’s only one thing more embarrassing than  spinach  between your teeth: lipstick on your teeth. This faux pas usually happens in situations where women want to look particularly good, such as on a romantic date or an important business dinner. For such occasions, most women reach a little deeper into their make-up bags and accentuate their lips with bright red color.

This can also backfire, however, when a little lipstick gets on your teeth and every smile makes you look like you’ve just been through a bloody boxing match. To avoid this embarrassment, you should follow a few rules when applying the lipstick.

Tame lipstick

First, you should apply a colorless grease stick to give the lips the moisture they need. Professionals then spread a dab of liquid make-up on the lips to make the lipstick last longer and fill in small wrinkles. To ensure that the color only stays on your mouth, you should use a lip pencil that is a shade darker than the lipstick. Apply this along the outer edges of the lips.

Now the actual lipstick is used. Gently apply the color from the center outwards. Then take a paper handkerchief between your lips and press them firmly together. This way the excess color ends up on the cloth and not on your teeth. Finally, spread a colorless gloss on your lips and you’re sure to make a big impression – without any embarrassing color accidents.

The Eyebrow Trap

While the shape and size of the eyes, nose and mouth can hardly be influenced, the eyebrows can easily be used to model a beautiful face. On the other hand, wrongly plucked eyebrows can spoil a pretty face.

Therefore, both men and women should be careful not to wear a thick “monobrow” or thin lines over the eyes. It is not that easy to find the right eyebrow shape, because it is not only based on the individual face shape, but is also subject to fashion constraints.

While millimeter-thin lines or completely shaved and painted eyebrows were still the trend in the 90s, in recent years the focus has been more on naturalness. For men, it is usually sufficient to remove only the annoying hair above the nose.

Eyebrow pencil test

The classic pencil test helps to find the right eyebrow shape for men: Simply hold a pencil vertically next to the nostril so that its end reaches to the brows. All hairs that are now between the pencil and the nose should be plucked out. It is best to use tweezers for this, because  shaving  quickly results in thick hair stubble.

Women can also take the pencil rule to heart, but should – if necessary – also remove a few hairs under the arch of the eyebrow. You can find out the best shape for your face by first making an appointment with a beautician who will model the brows perfectly. After that, just remove the hairs that grow back in unwanted places.

The general rule is: the brow should rise by about ¾ and fall by ¼. To pluck, pull the skin apart between two fingers, then pull out the hairs one by one, including the roots. Those who are particularly sensitive to pain cool their brows with an ice cube beforehand. After hair removal, comb the brows into shape with a brush.

Tiny Eyelashes

Hair grows faster when you cut it off. Although this old rumor has long since been disproved, it still persists. That’s basically not a problem, a brisk new hairstyle not only promotes self-confidence, but often also quickly forgets the desire for a long mane.

However, it becomes problematic when this “wisdom” is also applied to other body hair, for example the eyelashes. Anyone who trims them properly and is now hoping for a growth spurt will be bitterly disappointed. In contrast to the hair on the head, which sprout relatively quickly, eyelashes grow extremely slowly.

Eyelashes grow slowly

In 100 days, an eyelash grows six to twelve millimeters, then it falls out. Cutting it off doesn’t matter, after all, the hair root doesn’t care what happens at the tip. So if you cut off your eyelashes, you can live with the short stubble for a good six months – until they finally fall out and new eyelashes grow back.

Apart from that, eyelashes are an important protection for the eyes, catching dust and  sweat  . Whoever cuts them off does neither his beauty nor his health any favors.

Nails like parchment

Artificial nails are a thing in themselves. They rarely look natural and elegant, but often rather cheap and artificial. They are expensive, time consuming and cumbersome.

And yet millions of women wear artificially glued plastic nails. The gel version is a little more natural. For this purpose, the nails are brushed with an acrylic gel in the nail studio and irradiated with UV light.

Especially women with brittle, thin nails often use plastic helpers to give their hands a neater look. However, this is often a fallacy, because while the nails look chic and healthy on the outside, the real nail atrophies under the plastic cover.

Nail fungus from artificial nails

Without air supply, the keratin of the nails cannot harden, which is why they are usually extremely soft, thin and sensitive when removing the gel or artificial nails. It takes four to five months for the nail to recover from the procedure and be back in its original condition.

Women who wear gel or plastic fingernails for years usually end up with parchment-like fingernails that break extremely quickly and   are prone to inflammation and infection. Since artificial nails have to be renewed and processed again and again in the nail studio, there is also a risk of  nail fungus if the studio does not work under absolutely hygienic conditions.

In extreme cases, especially with long artificial nails, the nail can accidentally get caught and be torn off together with the real nail underneath. If you want to avoid such accidents, you should treat your natural nails to a little care every now and then and build them up from the inside with minerals.


A trend that is now waning again is the wearing of piercings. Nevertheless, the pieces of jewelery through nose, stomach, lips,  tongue  or eyebrows are still very popular, especially among young people. In view of the cool plugs, it is often forgotten that not only does the piercing often hurt like hell, but that a lot can also happen afterwards.

Unlike earrings, body piercings are not shot, but pushed through the skin with a long needle and cannula. This procedure is not only very painful, but also dangerous. If no absolute professional pierces, it is possible that important nerve cords are injured. Homeopaths also complain that piercing often destroys important acupuncture points.

If the work is not done hygienically, i.e. with gloves,  disinfectants  and disposable cutlery, there is also a risk of infection. Blood poisoning  or infection with  HIV  or  hepatitis can even   occur.

Piercings as triggers of allergies

Cheap jewelry also often trigger  allergies  . Even with flawless studios and high-quality piercings, there is a risk of swelling, inflammation and scarring with the associated pain.

Understandable, after all, the piercing is nothing but a foreign body stuck in an open wound. It is a natural reaction for the body to try to repel the intruder and close the wound. This is often accompanied by pus formation, postoperative bleeding and bruising. If the body does not accept the jewelry, pain and pus formation can still occur years after the sting.

If you still really want a piercing, you should pay careful attention to the selection of a professional piercing studio. Some doctors also offer piercings.

Spelling error in the tattoo

Tattoo disasters occur again and again when one decides to have names or terms tattooed in foreign languages ​​or scripts. Because even the tattoo artist is usually not able to speak the language in question – so a mistake in the translation or the lettering is often only noticed when it is too late.

Research tattoo motifs in advance

Anyone who decides to get a tattoo usually wants to set a very specific sign. It should be as individual and special as possible, after all, everyone has tribal and Chinese characters. With all the desire for individuality, the symbol or the lettering should be well researched – an embarrassing mistake in a tattoo stays for a lifetime.

The name of the partner – no matter how great the love – is not a good choice for a tattoo. Laser removal is likely to be almost more painful than separation. If you still want to immortalize your loved one on your arm, you should perhaps think about symbols in a foreign language. Written in Hindi or Chinese, at least not every outsider will recognize that you are still wearing Claudia or Horst on your upper arm.

Zebra look thanks to self-tanner

Sure, a sun-kissed, slightly tanned complexion just looks better than classy winter pallor. And it’s no longer a secret that you don’t necessarily have to go on vacation or to the sunbed to do this.  However, many people only realize that a lot can go wrong with a  self-tanner after they have turned up at a party with orange stripes on their arms and an unnaturally white neck with a tanned face.

In order to avoid such tanning disasters, there are a few tips that self-tanner inexperienced people should definitely take to heart:  Take a long shower  before tanning and  exfoliate . This removes dead skin cells that would otherwise turn an ugly  orange  color. Dry the skin thoroughly afterwards and apply a fat cream to your elbows, knees and hairline.

Self tanning towels for beginners

Beginners should try self-tanning wipes, as they are usually inexpensive and easy to use. With creams, gels or sprays, you should ensure that the self-tanner is distributed very thoroughly and evenly.

Try not to miss a spot and not to apply too thick a layer of tanning cream. Finally, wash the palms of your hands and your fingers thoroughly with soap and wait a quarter of an hour until the cream has completely absorbed before getting dressed.

It is best to apply the self-tanner in the evening before going to bed. Then the cream can soak in overnight and you can shower off the unpleasant smell in the morning. Now nothing stands in the way of a brilliant appearance at the next party.

Permanent makeup slips

In order to save a little time in the morning and always look freshly made-up, more and more women can be permanently beautified with a few tricks. The dangers that can arise when dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows are relatively harmless. Apart from a possible allergic reaction to the dye or an imprecisely working beautician, which not only gives you black eyelashes but also dark circles around your eyes, not too much can happen here.

However, it becomes more dangerous with real permanent make-up, i.e. tattooed lines around the lips, eyebrows or eyes. This is where a professional needs to be. If the beautician has restless hands, a small wobble can mean a permanently crooked mouth or eye area. Unlike with a normal contour pencil, you cannot simply remove such a mistake with a cosmetic tissue.

It also becomes uncomfortable if the tattoo artist chooses the wrong color, gives the eyebrows a shape that doesn’t match the face or makes any other serious mistake, not to mention the pain of the tattoo.

Permanent make-up: think carefully about your decision

If one day you don’t like the dark lines anymore, it will be difficult to get rid of them. The pigmentation usually fades after five years, but that can be a long time when you’ve had enough of the black bars over your eyes.

The tattooed eyeliner and lipliner cannot be removed – the only option is to tattoo over it with a skin-like color. However, this is complicated and expensive. So think carefully beforehand whether the pain, money and dangers of saving a few minutes in the bathroom in the morning are worth it.

If you decide to use permanent make-up anyway, be sure to put yourself in professional hands. Make sure that the cosmetic studio is clean and hygienic and that the treatment is carried out by specially trained professionals.

Barber Disaster

Actually, a perfect visit to the hairdresser should look like this: A friendly greeting, detailed advice, a relaxing head massage, a nice chat and afterwards you leave the shop with a dreamy Hollywood mane. In reality, a visit to the hair stylist is unfortunately often very different. Whether it’s a messed-up perm, orange highlights, a cropped fringe or just a completely unflattering hairstyle – pretty much everyone has probably left a hairdressing salon with tears in their eyes.

To avoid such accidents, it is important to follow a few simple tips. Think carefully about what hairstyle you want beforehand. If you are proud of your long hair, then don’t let your hairdresser persuade you to have a sleek bob. Only if you want a total type change should you consider such a step. But let us advise you in detail.

Hairdresser: visit with consequences

Many salons now also offer software that allows you to try out different hairstyles with a photo. If you already have a certain hairstyle and color in mind, it is best to bring a photo of a model with the desired haircut so that there are no misunderstandings with the hairdresser.

In general, when choosing a salon, you should make sure not to choose the cheapest one, but one that friends, for example, recommend. You should feel comfortable as soon as you enter. If things get uncomfortable, hectic, unsanitary, and you’re greeted rudely, turn back before it’s too late.

However, once you have found the hairdresser you trust, stay with him – because the better he gets to know you and your hair, the lower the risk of being disappointed.

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