The 13 most popular diets

The 13 most popular diets

Do you want to lose weight? With the right diet, it’s usually not that difficult. The most important thing for success is that you can get along well with the chosen diet. For example, a diet like the  Dukan diet , which largely avoids carbohydrates, is certainly not the right thing for pasta and rice lovers. Fortunately, today there are a variety of different weight loss methods. So everyone can find the diet that suits them. However, always make sure that you eat a balanced diet and do not go hungry.

It is also important to know that lightning diets are not suitable for long-term weight loss, because after they end there is a  yo-yo effect , in which the lost pounds come back quickly. A long-term change in diet in combination with sufficient exercise is therefore better. Nevertheless, some  diets can  be a good start on the way to your desired weight or even suitable for a permanent change in diet. We have compiled the 13 most popular diets for you.

The Dukan diet  largely avoids carbohydrates and instead relies on a protein-rich diet: in addition to vegetables, low-fat fish and meat and dairy products play an important role. The diet is based on the assumption that the body lacks energy by not eating carbohydrates and therefore falls back on the fat reserves. The Dukan diet is one of the so-called low-carb diets. In the course of the diet, four different phases are distinguished: weight loss, strengthening phase, consolidation phase and stabilization phase.

Such protein-rich diets are not suitable, especially for  gout  or kidney problems, but according to experts, even healthy people should not consume too much protein. In addition, the Dukan diet has been criticized for being too unbalanced and therefore dangerous to health. Learn more about  nutrition on the Dukan Diet .

The  Paleo diet  is also known as the Stone Age diet. The name comes from the fact that the diet only allows foods that were already available to our ancestors in the Stone Age. That is why the diet primarily focuses on foods such as meat, fruit and vegetables. Fish and seafood as well as nuts , eggs and fresh herbs are also  allowed. Dairy and grain products, on the other hand, should be avoided. In any case, sugar, alcohol and ready meals are taboo.

Although it is disputed among experts that this actually reflects the diet in the Stone Age, the Paleo diet can actually lead to weight loss. However, experts warn of possible deficiency symptoms and excessive consumption of animal foods. You can find more information about the Paleo diet, including delicious recipes,  here .

In contrast to conventional fasting , with  interval fasting  or intermittent   fasting food is not avoided for several days or even weeks, but only for short phases.

There are different forms of intermittent fasting, for example the 16:8 method, in which you can eat for 8 hours and fast for 16 hours. You determine the times of this so-called 8-hour diet yourself. For example, you can only eat between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., before and after that only calorie-free drinks are allowed. The 1:1 method, on the other hand, alternates eating for a day and fasting for a day.

This periodic fasting is intended to help improve fat and sugar metabolism and permanently reduce weight. Although long-term studies are still pending, this fasting method appears to be a healthy way to lose weight. It is also suitable for long-term dietary changes. Read here how intermittent fasting works  .

Various positive effects on health are attributed to apple cider vinegar. Among other things, it is said to stimulate fat burning and digestion, detoxify the body, curb cravings, regulate blood sugar levels and reduce appetite. With the  apple cider vinegar diet,  a glass of diluted apple cider vinegar is therefore drunk before meals. This apple cider vinegar drink is usually combined with exercise and a low-calorie mixed diet.

The healthy effects of apple cider vinegar have not been scientifically proven, but according to experts, drinking diluted apple cider vinegar does not harm healthy people either. You can learn more about the apple cider vinegar diet here .

“Slim in your sleep” sounds easy, but of course the pounds won’t tumble off without your own initiative. In order for fat burning to work optimally while you sleep, you need to eat the right foods at the right times throughout the day and also exercise.

It is particularly important to put as little stress on the digestive system as possible in the evening so that the body is not busy processing the food at night. That’s why foods with a lot of carbohydrates such as  potatoes , pasta or  rice are  taboo in the evening. The idea behind this insulin-combining diet is to reduce body weight by producing as little insulin as possible.

Experts rate the benefit of this method as unproven. However, they confirm that not eating for about three to four hours before going to sleep can improve the quality of sleep. Conversely, not getting enough sleep can contribute to obesity. You can find a daily schedule with tips on the right diet for “Slim while you sleep”  here .

The detox is all about ridding the body of toxins by activating its self-cleansing powers, while shedding a few extra pounds along the way.

Detoxification can be done in two different ways. In one, solid food is avoided. Instead, fresh  juices  and vegetable broths are drunk. In the second method, only alkaline foods are consumed. In both cases, unhealthy vices are taboo, such as alcohol, cigarettes or  coffee , while sufficient sleep and moderate exercise should support the detoxification effect.

The benefit of a detox is controversial, as there is no guarantee that it actually helps the body eliminate toxins, or that it is even necessary. Read here how a detox cure works and what it can do  .

The Mediterranean diet (also: Crete diet) is based on Mediterranean cuisine. That is why the diet mainly includes foods such as vegetables, fish,  garlic , olive oil and bread. Some red wine and lean meat are also allowed. On the other hand, you must avoid high-fat foods such as sausage, cheese and sweets. This not only sheds the kilos, but also the cardiovascular system benefits from the healthy diet.

However, to actually lose weight with the Mediterranean diet, you should only use olive oil sparingly. Although the oil is healthy, it also has a lot of calories. Experts praise the Mediterranean diet as a balanced mixed diet that is also suitable as a permanent form of nutrition.

The pregnancy hormone HCG  (human chlorionic gonadotropin) plays a crucial role in the HCG diet  . During pregnancy, this hormone causes the body to fall back on the mother’s fat reserves in the event of malnutrition. In the case of the HCG diet, it is therefore administered in the form of injections and is intended to stimulate the metabolism and reduce the feeling of hunger. In addition, there is an extreme reduction in calories, a lot of drinking and physical activity.

However, the hormone is not approved as a means of losing weight and is associated with various side effects, which is why experts advise against this diet. In addition, the regular injection of HCG doses is quite expensive. You can find detailed information about the  HCG diet here .

The  metabolic cure  is a diet that consists of several phases, with the actual diet phase lasting 21 days. During this time, a radically reduced calorie diet – preferably without fat and carbohydrates – is combined with so-called vital substance products (certain dietary supplements). In addition, the pregnancy hormone HCG is used – in contrast to the HCG diet, however, in the form of globules or homeopathic drops.

 This is intended to reprogram the  metabolism , which is why the 21-day metabolism cure is said not to have a yo-yo effect. Not only is the effectiveness of this diet controversial, critics point to health risks and significant costs. You can find more information about the metabolic cure  here .

Losing weight with diet shakes is the principle of formula diets. The ready-made drinks or (together with water or low-fat  milk ) mixed from powder, protein-enriched drinks replace one or more meals a day. The shakes are particularly low in calories, but are intended to prevent deficiency symptoms and must therefore comply with the recommendations for nutrient intake for adults.

The weight loss shakes are available from different manufacturers and in different flavors, making them a fairly convenient but also rather expensive form of dieting. Some diet shakes have been criticized for their high sugar content or unnecessary additives such as flavorings and artificial sweeteners.

Such powder diets are only suitable for a short time (about one to three weeks) and are more suitable as a start for severely overweight people. Because this diet initially provides rapid weight loss and saves annoying calorie counting, which has a positive effect on  motivation  . However, diet drinks are not suitable for a long-term change in diet. Losing weight with formula diets is best done under medical supervision and combined with sufficient exercise. Learn  more about formula diets here .

The GLYX diet focuses on foods that cause the blood sugar level to rise as little as possible. GLYX is an abbreviation for the glycemic index, a value that describes the influence on  blood sugar  and insulin production. You can eat as much of the foods with a low GLYX as you want. So you don’t have to starve as part of the GLYX diet.

However, foods with a high sugar content are not allowed: They cause the blood sugar level to spike and thus ensure that a lot of  insulin  is produced in the body. This can lead to food cravings later. However, experts consider the concept to be oversimplified and attach little significance to the glycemic index. Read here how the  GLYX diet  works.

Lemon juice is said to have a variety of effects: it is said to strengthen the  immune system  , have a cell-cleansing effect and also help with weight loss. Lemon juice can be used in a variety of ways to help you lose weight. The most radical method is certainly to completely abstain from solid food for a few days and only eat water and lemon juice.

It should be noted, however, that this method is not a sustainably effective diet. If carried out for a longer period of time, this radical form can even have negative effects on the body. Learn more about possible risks of the  lemon juice diet here . 

In the Cabbage Soup Diet, the diet consists primarily of cabbage soup for a period of time. This is extremely low in calories and can therefore be eaten in unlimited quantities. In addition, the soup is combined with a different food every day of the week: there is a fruit day, a vegetable day, a raw food day, a banana day, a poultry or fish day, a meat day and a rice day. The additional food ensures that the body continues to be supplied with all the important nutrients despite the diet.

However, you should not follow the cabbage soup diet permanently, otherwise  deficiency symptoms  can occur – it is best not to use this diet for more than seven days. Read  here which other soups are suitable for losing weight .

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