The well-groomed man: tips for a well-groomed appearance

A well-groomed appearance is the calling card of personality. The experts reveal what should be on it. The well-groomed man pays attention to his appearance and does something about the optical side effects of aging. Here men will find tips on the subject of hair and face care, the perfect  shave , lip and skin care and hair removal.

Hair care for men

The hairy companions should always be freshly washed and styled – a tousled head makes a bad impression. This is especially true for friends of a longer head of hair. If you love your mat, you should at least have the tips trimmed regularly. Men should also observe the following tips for hair care:

  • At the dermatologist’s or hairdresser’s the man finds out what type of hair he has and can then choose the right shampoo.
  • If the  dandruff falls off your  head, special shampoos can help, which are also available in pharmacies.
  • A hair tonic makes a man’s hair look neater, some also inhibit dandruff formation with regular use.
  • If your hair thins out quickly (and at a young age) despite the best care, a visit to the dermatologist is also recommended. The unchangeable genes are not always to blame – the causes of hair loss are often hormonal and can possibly be treated medically.

Facial care for men

Hardly anything reflects the passage of years like the face. With increasing age, his skin sags and becomes  tired  – hamster cheeks and  bags under the eyes  threaten. The skin becomes drier and thinner and  wrinkles form . Good care prevents the side effects of aging, slows down deep wrinkles and sagging skin.

In the mornings and evenings, the skin can be kept clean with a cleansing gel that preferably also contains  algae  or  aloe vera  . The substances contained in them care for the skin particularly well and provide moisture. If you have sensitive skin, you should use cleansing cream or cleansing oil; mild moisturizing products are recommended for sensitive skin.

Pampering the area around the eyes helps against tired eyes: special eye creams or gels tighten the skin, keep crow’s feet at bay and prevent bags under the eyes.

Shaving: special shaving foam against red spots

The daily face shave – annoying for most, but a must to appear well-groomed. However, sometimes more than the annoying stubble is removed: Especially the wet razors also scrape off bits of skin. This can have unpleasant consequences, especially for men with a sensitive complexion. Red spots  on the neck and cheeks are difficult to conceal, and irritated skin tends to become inflamed.

Reaching for the dry razor can already solve the problem, but fragrance-free shaving foams tailored to the skin type and fresh razor blades also help.

Lip and skin care

The lips should also be cared for – there are various good care sticks available on the market. Anyone who often  suffers from herpes  needs a special care cream from the pharmacy, and the active ingredient in lemon balm has proven particularly effective.

Even if the corners of the mouth tear in winter, special lip care is necessary. If brittle, cracked skin is permanent at the corners of the mouth, the doctor should rule out a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

The sensitive skin on the neck requires special care and should be moisturized regularly. For the rest of the body, this is especially true after bathing or  showering . A body milk tailored to the specific skin type is recommended.

Hair in ears and nose

As men grow older, hair grows in the most inappropriate places – and doesn’t exactly contribute to their well-groomed appearance. If fluff is sprouting out of the ear canal and nostrils, however, you should not use nail scissors, the risk of injury is too great.

There are ear and nose hair trimmers in every pharmacy or drugstore that make both sense organs look well-groomed again. The hairdresser also trims the wild growth – often in vain if the hair is cut at the same time.

Removal of body hair

Hair under the armpits, on the back, shoulders, stomach or legs can be removed relatively easily, but not permanently. The easiest and quickest way is to just shave off what needs to go. However, the hair grows back within a few days. Depilatory creams last two to three weeks. Anyone who has wax glued to the affected areas has about two months peace and quiet.

If you want to have your hair removed permanently, you have to undergo electroepilation at a dermatologist or in a beauty salon. With this method, the hair roots are destroyed, which is expensive and time-consuming. You should ask about the prices beforehand.

However, surveys show that around half of women find thick fur on men quite attractive. So: Before you tackle this, ask your loved one for your opinion.

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