Therapy blanket: sleep better despite Corona and depression?

The corona crisis and the lockdown are leading to disturbed sleep patterns and even depression in many adults and children. Various home remedies and sporting activities promote healthy sleep – the therapy blanket or gravitational blanket can also help you fall asleep, sleep through the night and sleep late. This is how the therapy blanket works!

Sleep better during the Corona crisis: Therapy blankets, also known as weighted blankets or gravity blankets, can promote sleeping behavior in the case of  sleep disordersdepression  and other illnesses and promote healthy sleep.

Sleep better – this is how the therapy blanket works

Weighted blankets or therapy blankets are intended to promote healthy sleep and improve sleeping patterns. The special duvets are filled with small glass beads or a special inner blanket and are adjusted to ten percent of your own body weight.

The aim of the blanket is to put pressure on the body to relax joints, muscles and tendons. The regular, gentle pressure is also known as “deep touch pressure” (DTP). This promotes inner peace and regulates the perception of one’s own body.

DTP is a form of tactile and sensory touch that manifests itself in everyday life as holding, caressing, and hugging. Especially for anxious people or those with depression, DTP in the form of gravity blankets can promote peaceful sleep. Especially during the Corona crisis, many people suffer from insomnia and depression, a therapy blanket can help here.

The relaxing feeling of the blanket can promote the production and release of the happiness  hormone serotonin  and reduce the stress hormone (cortisol). As a result, the body relaxes and releases the sleep hormone  melatonin  , which promotes deep sleep and easy falling asleep.

This is how therapy blankets can have a positive effect on the body:

  • helps you fall asleep
  • promotes long and restful sleep
  • promotes overnight regeneration
  • consequently improves the quality of life
  • calms depression, ADHD,  restless legs syndrome  and autism

Weighted blankets are available in different designs and price ranges. They not only calm you down at night, but can also help and support the organism in everyday life, for example in the office, on the couch or while studying.

People with cardiovascular problems or injuries should first discuss the use of the blanket with their doctor; the gravity blanket is also not suitable for small children and babies. Overall, however, the positive effects outweigh the negative. Some studies also show an improvement in quality of life with therapy blankets.


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