TikTok trend: How healthy is garlic in the nose?

Recipes, tips or trends in the field of health and beauty are often shared on social media. But the hype is not always positive. Don’t go for the latest trend of sticking peeled garlic cloves in your nose to clean them.

The videos of young people sticking two peeled cloves of garlic in their nostrils are currently going viral. After ten to 15 minutes, the airways should be free, the nasal secretions should run and mucus should be loosened. But how healthy is  garlic  in your nose really?

Garlic in the nose: healthy or unhealthy?

Garlic is not only a delicious companion in the kitchen, the small tuber can also help with minor health problems.

The sulfur compounds allicin and alliin have an antibacterial effect and can reduce inflammation. Eating two to three (raw) cloves a day can prevent gastrointestinal upset and inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast.

If the tuber is pressed, boiled and inhaled, it can also relieve symptoms of respiratory infections. Swollen airways usually occur as a result of  allergies , colds or other infections. In most cases, nasal sprays and various medicines can relieve the symptoms.

However, experts warn against putting the garlic directly up your nose:

  • Small nodules can penetrate too deeply into the nostrils and then cannot be removed by themselves. The process can promote infections.
  • Although the nose runs, the nose is not cleaned, it simply reacts to the strong smell.
  • Garlic oil secretions can irritate mucous membranes over time, causing problems such as blisters, pain and scarring.

Peeled garlic cloves in the nose are unhealthy and do not help with a runny nose or cold. If symptoms persist, a doctor should be consulted.

Get your nose clear: an alternative to the TikTok trend

Home remedies can help with colds and stuffy noses and offer a healthy and sensible alternative to garlic in the nose. These home remedies help with a stuffy nose and runny nose:

  • Nasal rinse or nasal spray with sea salt:  Sea salt sprays are available at drugstores and pharmacies. They help dilute nasal secretions and soothe the mucous membranes.
  • Inhaling water vapor:  Inhaling water vapor with sea salt,  thyme  or chamomile helps with coughs and colds. The steam soothes the mucous membranes and relieves the cold.
  • Eat spicy food:  Garlic,  ginger , chili or curry can relieve a cold. However, the spices should be used in hot dishes and not eaten pure. Ginger can also be drunk as a  tea  with a little  honey  .


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