TikTok Trend Pimple Patches: Do blister plasters help against pimples?

A tip against pimples is making the rounds on TikTok: Small pieces of blister plaster that usually get on your feet are stuck on pimples on your face and are supposed to help them disappear faster. But does that really help?

 Young people in particular are affected  by  pimples and impure skin, but older people also struggle with annoying facial infections from time to time  . They should disappear and heal as quickly as possible. To achieve this, there are various creams and remedies. Pimples should never be squeezed out, as this can lead to inflammation and possible scarring.

Blister plasters contain hydrocolloid

The focus now is on blister plasters, which are cut into very small pieces, slightly larger than the corresponding pimple, and then stuck to the inflamed area. In fact, blister plasters contain hydrocolloids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect and absorb wound fluid. The skin does not dry out and wound healing is accelerated.

Commercially available anti-pimple patches often contain hydrocolloids, but are significantly more expensive than blister plasters. That’s why these are currently so popular, because the effect is the same – at a significantly lower price.

How to apply the blister plaster on a pimple

If you have an inflamed pimple on your face, you can do the following:

  • Remove make-up from face and gently cleanse.
  • Dry thoroughly so that the patch stays in place.
  • Cut a small round spot out of the blister plaster and stick it in the middle of the pimple.
  • Leave the blister plaster on the pimple overnight or even during the day.
  • Once the patch has absorbed discharge or pus, it can be removed. If necessary, a new patch can be glued on.

The effect is best the more plump and mature the pimple is. The patches are also said to help with pigment spots on the face. The skin is not irritated or dried out after the treatment and the pimple is usually much flatter, so that it can then be easily covered with an anti-pimple stick.


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