Inflamed tonsils can occur in both children and adults, and  tonsillitis  is contagious. Tonsillitis (angina tonsillaris), for example, causes symptoms such as  difficulty swallowing  and  a sore throat. Inflamed tonsils can usually be treated with medication, but the tonsillitis can last longer than three months. This is then a chronic tonsillitis, which must be treated more complex. In addition, a purulent tonsillitis can form, which can also be treated with medication. Since tonsillitis is usually accompanied by fever, fever-reducing and pain-relieving medication can also be taken after consultation with the doctor. Calf compresses are recommended as home remedies for tonsillitis. In addition, the neck should be kept warm. Furthermore, sage tea has a disinfecting effect and chamomile tea has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can also be helpful in tonsillitis.

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