Vacation despite Corona: This is where Germans get infected

Summer, sun and beach holidays are followed by rising corona numbers and high incidences. In its detailed weekly report, the Robert Koch Institute shows where most Germans have been infected in the past month.

Ten percent of all reported corona infections from June 21 to July 18 occurred abroad. 2,402 people reported possible infection abroad.

New corona infections abroad

While the proportion of reported infections abroad was still one percent at the beginning of June, the illnesses after summer vacation or stays abroad increase significantly. Most of the infected people come from these holiday countries:

  • Spain: 821
  • Russia: 171
  • Netherlands: 124
  • Turkey: 122
  • Croatia: 106
  • Greece: 93
  • Portugal: 51
  • France: 48
  • Italy: 40

In addition, 65 cases of infection were recorded in southern Europe. While the number of infected returnees from Russia is already falling again, the number of infections among holidaymakers from the Netherlands and Spain is increasing.

Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Russia are among the high-incidence areas. Vacationers who are neither vaccinated nor recovered need a negative  corona test upon entry  and then have to go into a 10-day quarantine. You have the opportunity to test yourself free after five days.


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