Vaccination card: A controversial companion

The vaccination card not only plays an important role in times of Corona. It documents vaccinations carried out and thus also provides information on any vaccination gaps. The introduction of an EU vaccination card is currently being discussed.

Read here why the planned EU vaccination card is controversial, which vaccinations are recommended and which are mandatory.

Digital vaccination card is compatible with EU vaccination card

In the context of the corona vaccinations that have been started so far, Chancellor Angela Merkel is in favor of the EU vaccination pass (also known as the green pass). This should be available by summer, and all EU member states agreed to the principle. In Germany, a national vaccination card is being developed, the content of which is partly determined by the requirements of the European Union.

The national digital vaccination card should be developed within the next three months and be compatible with other European systems. The vaccination pass is intended to make it easier for people from third countries (non-EU members) to travel within Europe and to enter the country due to the current corona crisis.

That is why the planned EU vaccination card is controversial

Several countries are already calling for people who have been vaccinated with the Corona virus to benefit from travel simplifications. Greece, Cyprus, Austria and Bulgaria hope for a quick introduction of the green passport and thus a return to normality.

So far, the digital vaccination card has not only met with understanding on social media. Many users fear an indirect obligation to vaccinate due to advantages for those who have been vaccinated and in this context question the principle of solidarity and the previous understanding of the prioritization of corona vaccination.

Since it has not yet been proven to what extent vaccinated people can also pass on the  corona virus  , the federal government is still keeping a low profile on this topic. In addition, no specific details are known about the EU vaccination card, since so far only general agreement has been reached on the introduction of the European vaccination card.

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