Vaccination fraud: That’s why you shouldn’t post your vaccination card

Corona vaccination is a controversial topic. Many people can hardly wait to be vaccinated, while others are skeptical about the vaccines after increased side effects. The vaccinated people are mostly happy about the vaccination, often a photo of the vaccination card is shared on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – however, vaccinated people should refrain from doing this.

Vaccination passes should not be shared on social networks or in private circles via messenger, as data theft and fake vaccination passes are increasing.

Data theft: This is how the photos of vaccination cards are misused on Facebook, Instagram & Co

The misuse of vaccination card images that are shared via social networks or messengers is diverse. That’s why you should refrain from posting a photo of your vaccination card:

  1. False reports of side effects could  circulate  :  The Ministry of Health explained in “Welt am Sonntag” that sensitive data such as name, vaccination date and the batch number of the vaccine were misused, for example to report false side effects to the responsible Paul Ehrlich Institute.
  2. Personal health data is disseminated:  Based on the time of vaccination and the prioritization, personal data such as occupational field or health problems and previous illnesses can be recognized more easily.
  3. Vaccination passports are falsified:  Vaccination passports can easily be falsified and circulated using a stamp, signature and batch number. Among other things, these counterfeits are sold to people who do not want to be vaccinated, who want to preserve the freedoms of vaccinated people that will probably soon arise. There is an increased risk that these people will spread the virus much more easily in the event of a possible corona infection.

Only professionals would be able to spot the fake vaccination cards. Customs or police employees, on the other hand, could cause problems with the fake immunity cards. With the Europe  -wide immunity card  , however, this problem could soon be solved.


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