Vaccination status – that has changed!

The federal and state corona rules are just as flexible as the virus itself. In response to the spread of the infectious omicron variant, the 2G concept is being changed. Those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered must now take this into account!

New corona rules have been in effect for vaccinated people and those who have recovered since yesterday. Those vaccinated who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine   are particularly affected.

Booster vaccination required at Johnson & Johnson

People who received the single-use vaccine from Johnson & Johnson were previously considered boosted after the second vaccination with one of the two  mRNA vaccines  from  Moderna  or BioNTech/Pfizer. As a result, they were also exempt from the obligation to test under the 2G Plus regulation.

However, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut has adjusted this due to the spread of the much more infectious omicron variant: people who have received a vaccination with the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson are now only considered fully vaccinated after a second vaccination. A booster vaccination is also strongly recommended.

Recover status shortened

Anyone who is considered to have recovered must also be careful from now on. The status is now only valid for three months. Here, too, the reason is the highly infectious omicron variant, since the protection of those who have recovered decreases more quickly than with previous mutations.

Those who have recovered must note the following:

  • The recovered status is only valid with a positive PCR test
  • The test must be at least 28 days old
  • The recovered status expires after 90 days, which is about three months

Free PCR tests may be phased out

In the future, free PCR tests will also be more difficult to access than at the moment. Since the number of PCR tests is also increasing due to the many reports from the Corona-Warn-App and positive self-tests, many laboratories are reaching their limits.

In the future, free testing after an infection should only be carried out with reliable rapid antigen tests. In addition, according to the Tagesspiegel, only members of vulnerable groups or hospital staff could be provided with free PCR tests.


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