Veganuary – 5 reasons for a vegan diet!

In Veganuary, vegan January, the focus is on purely plant-based nutrition. Vegans reject animal  -based foods , additives and foods that contain animal ingredients in their manufacturing processes. Vegan  diets and no meat are becoming increasingly popular for sustainable, ethical and health reasons. The vegan January at the start of the year is intended to help people to make a vegan lifestyle palatable and to eat more consciously throughout the year. But what effect does a vegan diet have on the body in the short and long term?

1. Weight loss – vegan diet pays off

If you eat vegan, you lose weight quickly without going hungry. At the beginning of the vegan lifestyle, the body breaks down water retention in particular. A conscious approach to food and a healthy diet also pay off in the long term: a high-fiber, low-fat diet has a positive effect on  metabolism  and insulin production.

Meat and animal foods usually have a higher energy density. Anyone who eats a vegan diet, avoids animal fats and oil when cooking and relies on different types of fruit and vegetables can lose weight.

2. Vegan diet provides energy and promotes restful sleep

A healthy diet is also reflected in sleep patterns and energy levels. The vegan lifestyle has a positive effect on digestion, which can also affect sleeping patterns. While omnivores need between 24 and 72 hours to digest the food, this process only takes between six and twelve hours for vegans. The body can recover better at night because the gastrointestinal system has to work less.

3. Better blood values ​​thanks to the vegan lifestyle

The change in diet is not only noticeable through a higher energy level and possible weight loss.  The vegan diet also has a positive effect on  blood values :

  • Low blood sugar level
  • Low LDL cholesterol levels
  • Lower uric acid level

Tip: If you eat vegan in the long term, you should have your blood values ​​checked regularly. In addition to improvements, the wrong vegan diet can also lead to deficiency symptoms.

4. Vegan nutrition supports the immune system

Vegan nutrition is a real booster for the  immune system . Fruits and vegetables provide the body with important vitamins and nutrients that can support the immune system in the long term and reduce inflammation.

5. These organs benefit from a vegan diet

The vegan lifestyle is a healthy all-rounder for the entire body:

  • Skin:  Avoiding meat has a positive effect on the largest organ in the body. Vegan diets can help reduce the inflammation that  causes pimples  and other blemishes.
  • Heart:  The motor of the body also perceives the vegan diet. Lower cholesterol levels and better blood levels ensure a healthy cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.
  • Liver:  A low-fat, vegan diet relieves the liver. A fatty liver, for example, can regress.

Anyone who decides on a vegan diet should pay attention to a balanced and conscious diet. In case of problems and complaints, medical advice should be sought.


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