Weight loss aids from the pharmacy

At the beginning of the year, many people want a feel-good weight. A number of weight loss aids promise support on the way to the dream figure. The pounds tumble off quickly, the first successes  motivate you  to keep going. However, the result of lightning diets rarely lasts long, because at some point the dreaded  yo-yo effect sets in  .

3 types of slimming products

If you want long-term success, you cannot avoid changing your eating and living habits. At the same time, there are means that can make it easier to start and persevere when slimming down. Some of these require a prescription and are prescribed for severe  obesity  , while others are over-the-counter. A distinction is made between three groups of weight loss aids:

  • appetite suppressant
  • Fat blockers
  • Quellstoffe

Lose weight with appetite suppressants

Conventional appetite suppressants or  appetite  suppressants work directly in the brain. There they promote or slow down the release of various messenger substances. That curbs the feeling of hunger. Those who want to lose weight feel full faster, they eat less. At the same time, the body’s own energy consumption is boosted.

Drugs that suppress appetite, for example with the active ingredients amfepramone, cathine and phenylpropanolamine, require a prescription and may only be taken for a few weeks.

Medicines containing the well-known active ingredient sibutramine have been withdrawn from the market in all industrialized countries due to the considerable side effects on the heart and blood vessels. It was banned in Germany in 2010.

In addition, since October 2008, the European Medicines Agency has recommended suspending approval for drugs containing rimonabant. One of the reasons for this is the risk of being able to cause mental disorders such as  depression  . The manufacturer then took the drug off the market.

Lose weight with fat blockers

 So-called fat blockers such as the active ingredient  orlistat also promise a remedy . Without curbing appetite, they slow down the breakdown of dietary fats in the intestines, which the body therefore does not absorb. “What you don’t eat doesn’t make you fat,” says Wiesbaden health scientist Dr. Claudia Christ the effect. In this way, a third of the dietary fat is said to escape digestion.

The substance works up to a maximum fat intake of 60 grams per day. Otherwise it can lead to diarrhea due to the increased fat excretion. A calorie-restricted diet can be supported with fat blockers. If you change your diet at the same time, you can soon make the so-called lipase inhibitor superfluous.

Losing weight with bulking agents

Saturation compresses made from alginates, collagen or cellulose fill the stomach without any calories. The  mostly over-the-counter bulking agents  can be helpful on the way to your desired weight. Swallowed before meals, the substances in the stomach absorb liquid, swell and create a feeling of fullness. The meal that follows is therefore smaller and the “sponges” are simply excreted again.

A lot of liquid should be drunk with the preparations, otherwise severe  constipation  can occur. Weight loss aids – regardless of whether they are over the counter or on prescription – usually have to be paid for by yourself. The health insurance companies only reimburse the costs in exceptional cases.

And  don’t forget:  There’s no way around less fat and more exercise. Climbing stairs or walking short distances already burns calories. At the same time you do something for  your fitness  and protect the environment.

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