Weight loss with whey

Whey doesn’t look very appealing with its greenish-watery color. Not everyone likes their sour taste. Nevertheless, athletes and some diet experts swear by whey drinks. Whey should not only be suitable for losing weight as part of a diet or as an independent whey cure, but also as a nutrient-rich thirst quencher for active people. But how does a whey diet work? And what exactly is whey, what ingredients does it contain and is it healthy?

What is whey?

Similar to  buttermilk  , whey is a by-product of processing  milk  . There are two different types of whey: rennet whey (also: sweet whey) is created when rennet is added to milk to thicken it and thus make cheese. Acid whey, on the other hand, occurs during quark production when the milk is treated with  lactic acid bacteria  . Whey is the liquid that separates from the coagulated protein after the milk has thickened. Today, thanks to modern production processes, whey is mainly produced during the manufacture of hard cheese.

Pure whey is greenish to yellowish in color, watery and not exactly appetizing. It also spoils extremely quickly, usually after just a few hours. Therefore, whey is usually offered commercially as a pasteurized drink or as a powder preparation. Both whey drinks and the powder are often enriched with additional vitamins and nutrients and are offered in a wide variety of flavors. Baked goods also often contain whey powder.

Is whey healthy?

Whey has a decisive advantage over milk, which also   plays a role in diets : it is extremely low in calories and fat. The fat content is around 0.2 percent and there are just 25 kilocalories or 104 kilojoules per 100 grams of sweet whey. At the same time, however, all the important nutrients  in the milk  remain  in the whey, which is why it contains B vitamins, potassium , calcium, iron and minerals. Overall, however, whey consists of more than 90 percent water and contains around five percent milk sugar (lactose).

Although whey contains relatively little protein, it contains very valuable protein that can be easily broken down by the human body and thus ensures muscle growth. With this whey protein, fat is mainly burned on a whey diet and not the body’s own protein in the muscle tissue. Bodybuilders and athletes also swear by so-called whey shakes.

Whey can also be helpful for a short time if  you are constipated  , since the relatively high proportion of lactose stimulates intestinal activity. However  , if you are lactose intolerant , you  should definitely avoid whey.

Whey unsuitable for fasting

There are special fasting cures for losing weight with whey, in which solid food is completely avoided. In addition, about one and a half liters of whey are drunk throughout the day. In addition, about 400 kilocalories can be consumed through juices, tea and water.

If you want to lose weight with whey, you should not start a radical whey diet or whey cure, but rather just replace one main meal with a whey drink. Because there are relatively few nutrients in whey, it is not suitable as a complete food substitute.

A whey drink a day can boost digestion, dehydrate the body, and serve as a low-calorie, low-fat substitute for hearty food. As a result, a whey diet does not promise quick weight loss, but it does promise healthy and sustained weight loss without starving yourself.

Losing weight with whey as a support is absolutely suitable for everyday use, and can be easily carried out without calculating or counting calories. With different recipes and possible variations, a whey diet can also be tasty and varied. Overall, however, a permanently healthy diet in addition to exercise should be preferred to the whey diet.

Whey: drinks, shakes and powders

In addition to the finished whey drinks (whey product) from the refrigerated section, whey is usually offered as a powder, which is mixed with a little water. Health food stores also offer partly natural, pasteurized whey. Mixed with some pureed fruit or vegetables, the sour-tasting whey can be used to prepare delicious, healthy shakes.

To make the drink a little sweeter, adding  honey , milk, buttermilk, or yogurt can help. If you like it salty, pureed  cucumbercarrot , cress or fresh herbs are the right choice. Whey can also be mixed with tea – green tea has a stimulating effect and makes the drink really healthy.

In summer, whey-juice cocktails are refreshing. Simply mix whey and orange, cherry or passion fruit juice in a 1:1 ratio, add a little lemon juice and stir well. Whey drinks should always be drunk immediately after preparation, as the liquids usually separate quickly and then look unappetizing.

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