Wellness aus Indonesia: Bali Boreh

A new trend is spilling over the wellness wave from Indonesia to Germany: Bali Boreh. With this Balinese ritual, the rice farmers used to warm themselves during the wet and windy months of the monsoon. The inhabitants of the tropics still practice this full-body treatment today. No wonder, because during this pleasant wellness ceremony including a massage, the body is warmed up, the blood circulation is stimulated and at the same time toxins can be eliminated from the body. Ideal for people suffering from stress and for everyone who wants to treat themselves and their body to something good.

Bali Boreh: a Balinese treatment method

Fantastic sandy beaches, exotic butterflies and magnificent orchids – Indonesia is enriched with many small wonders of nature. Great value is placed in the culture on the beauty and care of the body. Bali Boreh is a traditional Balinese treat for the body and consists of various treatments. However, the focus is always on the Boreh – herbal mixtures which, based on their composition, are intended to trigger specific positive effects on the body. According to centuries-old recipes, only natural essences are used for the wellness enjoyment of Bali Boreh.

Well-tempered water

Bali Boreh traditionally starts with a warm foot bath. The spices  ginger  and  manuka  are added to a herbal decoction and poured into the bath water. While the muscles relax and loosen up, two drinks are served: ginger tea and the traditional Jamu drink.

The mixture of herbs and spices gets the circulation going and the body is pleasantly warmed.

Pijat massage after foot bath

After the footbath, the body is pampered with a massage. The Pijat massage technique is usually used, because this massage is a gentle variant from the variety of traditional Indonesian massages. Sesame-ginger oil is pleasantly warmed and poured drop by drop over the back. Alternating kneading and pressing movements are triggered by the fingers and palms.

The special thing about this massage during the Bali Boreh treatment is that the massage strokes are carried out along the length of the muscles, so that the elimination of toxins and waste products can be promoted.

Warm herbs unfold their effect

After the relaxing massage, there is another rest phase. A warm herbal pack made of  cloves , curry and chili is now applied to the body. This pack has an exposure time of 20 minutes, during which the body is also covered with a preheated towel.

The herbal pack is intended to tighten the skin,   stimulate  the lymphatic system and  strengthen the immune system . Bali Boreh is therefore also used by the islanders to prevent  colds  .

After the herbal pack has been removed with damp, warm towels, the body is then washed off again or poured off with running water. In the next step of Bali Boreh, a special carrot tonic is rubbed onto the body for refreshing and nourishing use.

Bali Boreh ensures deep relaxation

Bali Boreh is ideal for  headaches , digestive problems and back tension. Due to the deep relaxation that is triggered during the Bali Boreh, which can last up to two hours, people who suffer from stress-related problems such as insomnia or burnout syndrome can benefit from this type of wellness.

At the end of the Bali Boreh treatment, a warming Bareh Body Balm is creamed onto the body with circular movements. This ritual is also often used to prepare for the night’s rest.

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