What is the thymus gland?

The thymus gland is also known as the brain of the body’s defenses or as the school of T-lymphocytes. She plays her biggest role during childhood. In the adult, the organ located behind the sternum loses its size and importance. You can find out what the thymus gland is good for here.

Blood cops on the way

The  lymphatic system , which includes the thymus gland, is distributed throughout the body. It is closely related to the  immune system  and the bone marrow. This is where the T and B lymphocytes are formed, defense cells that circulate in the bloodstream and destroy exogenous pathogens.

In order for the T-lymphocytes to be able to do their job, they first have to “learn” in the thymus gland how to distinguish between the body’s own and foreign cells. Consequently, the thymus gland plays a key role in building the immune system. It grows until puberty. Later, their mass decreases considerably, and their lymphatic tissue is replaced by adipose tissue.

Tapping the thymus gland is said to invigorate

Tapping on the thymus gland is said to help regain energy when you’re feeling weak,  tired ,  or exhausted.

Proceed by gently tapping the middle of the chest with your fist in a counter-clockwise direction. Tap the chest about ten to twelve times. If possible, a gentle hum can support the tapping. Then you should be able to feel how the energy and strength in the body awakens again and a relaxing feeling arises.


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