Which is the largest joint in the body?

It has to buffer about three times your body weight at every turn, and climbing a flight of stairs increases this value five times. This means that the load on the joint increases to 300 kilograms for a person weighing 60 kilograms! We are talking about the knee joint – an anatomical marvel for top performance. The largest human joint can even carry a weight of up to one and a half tons for a short time. Without our knee joints we could not walk, sit down, let alone hop around. In order for us to be able to perform all these movements, the knee joint consists of an elaborate system of bones, ligaments, muscles and cartilage. The knee joint is therefore also – rightly – referred to as the most complicated joint in the entire body.

Small anatomy

In the knee, three bones meet to form two compound articular surfaces the size of nickels. These are the femur,  tibia  , and kneecap. To prevent the ends of the bones from rubbing against each other during movement, the healthy joint has a layer of cartilage over it. This acts simultaneously as a buffer and as a shock absorber.

knees in danger

We walk between 4,000 and 6,000 steps a day. The joints are constantly bending and stretching. Because the knee is not a pure hinge joint, but also allows rotational movements, it is also particularly vulnerable. Danger for the joint threatens if we are  overweight have, with lack of exercise, but also with malpositions, wrong shoes or exaggerated ambition in sport. The most common knee injuries occur during sport, even outside of the ski season. The fact is that 300,000 meniscus operations and 100,000 cruciate ligament operations are performed in Germany every year. But it is also a fact that every second German citizen over the age of 35 shows signs of arthrosis in the knee in an x-ray. In order to prevent arthrosis of the joints, you should make sure that you always put the right strain on your knee and train accordingly during sport. It is also important that you exercise enough and avoid being overweight.

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