With the bike through the golden autumn

Sunny autumn weather, colorful forests and bicycle routes also invite you to long weekend trips by bike or pedelec in late summer and autumn. However, due to constant weather changes and falling leaves, hidden dangers also lurk: Dirty roads, a risk of slipping and early darkness await. Nevertheless, one should not do without cycling and its positive effects on health.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be firmly in the saddle even in autumn – whether it’s sunny days or drizzle.

Cycling in autumn – a sporty immune booster

It doesn’t matter whether it’s racing cycling, mountain biking or a short jaunt on a pedelec: cycling is a sport for young and old, it provides a lot of fun and variety in everyday life. Spinning the wheel promotes body and mind. Cycling is not only a nice leisure activity, cycling can also have a positive effect on your health:

  • Strengthens the  immune system Physical activity and sports have a positive impact on the immune system. Moderate to slightly intense cycling can reduce susceptibility to infections and strengthen the immune system. In addition, cycling in nature releases endorphins (happy hormones) and   reduces stress .
  • Endurance training at any time of the year:  cycling can strengthen the cardiovascular system and is easy on the joints. In this way, older people and people who are  overweight  or  obese  can optimally train their endurance.
  • Weight loss aid Cycling:  Just one hour of cycling prevents winter fat. Cyclists use between 400 and 600 kilocalories.

Biking in the fall: clothing and gear matter

While the usual cycling outfit is slowly migrating back into the wardrobe due to falling temperatures, a warm but breathable alternative is important. Similar to jogging, the same applies to cycling: layering principle to stow a layer in the backpack in an emergency. You should also be slightly cold before the activity, as the physical exertion also heats up the body. You can find cycling clothing in local sports shops, online, but also at discounters:

  • Windproof clothing:  windstoppers or windbreakers are a real must. When cycling, the cold headwind can cool down the sweaty body and thus  promote colds  or muscle problems. Tip: Even on sunny autumn days, a rough breeze is already blowing, light windbreakers over a breathable T-shirt or sweater protect the body.
  • Weatherproof and waterproof:  Special cycling rain jackets and rain pants protect you in rainy weather and keep you dry and warm. Special winter cycling trousers or breathable cycling shirts are suitable under the rain gear. This allows  sweat  to be wicked away to the outside.
  • Bright or reflective cycling clothing:  The days are getting shorter and the nights longer – on the first bike tour in autumn you are often surprised by the early darkness. Light-colored clothing or clothing with reflective details makes cyclists more visible in the dark and protects them and others on the road. Reflective Velcro sheets or special bicycle helmets can also help.
  • Warm accessories:  Anyone who is particularly susceptible to cold in certain areas of the body should also use headbands, scarves or neckerchiefs and gloves. Special insoles or socks also ensure warm feet.

Check the bike – safely through the fall

In order to cycle safely through the autumn, the bike should also be checked. After a long summer on roads, forest paths and trails, one or the other sign of wear can appear on the bike:

  • Brakes:  Brake pads wear out faster in wet and dirty conditions. Therefore, the brakes should be checked regularly to avoid nasty surprises.
  • Checking the bicycle chain:  Open derailleurs in particular should be cleaned regularly and lubricated with oil. Tip: An old toothbrush can help to remove dirt from the chain.
  • Check lights and reflectors:  Bikes with a dynamo should be checked to see if it is working and seated properly. Attachable lamps are recommended for mountain bikes, racing bikes and other bikes without a dynamo. Make sure that it is securely held and change the batteries regularly. Reflectors on the spokes and pedals of the bike are also mandatory.

In addition to the maintenance of the bike and the right clothing, a safe and anticipatory riding style is also important in autumn and winter. Pay attention to wet surfaces, dirty roads and other environmental components. Tip: The low sun can already be dazzling in the late afternoon, so sunglasses should also be in your luggage.


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