Work-life balance for parents

Balancing family and work is not always easy, and there are often many hurdles to be overcome in everyday life. A comprehensive organization is needed to keep both parents and children balanced in an age marked by stress . Instead of wasting time; it is all the more important to gain it because that also increases the quality of life – for the entire family.

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A Chinese proverb says: “You won’t lose work if you show your child the rainbow.” But the rainbow doesn’t wait until you’ve finished work.” But this is precisely where the crux of the matter lies for many parents: How is it possible to reconcile work and family while meeting all the requirements of the individual family members and doing yourself justice?

Anyone who has experienced this situation knows that living a work-life balance as a family is a real challenge. Still, it is also an opportunity! When work and family are in harmony, the risk of suffering from negative stress is significantly reduced. A balanced schedule is a better life for everyone. Good time management and an organized distribution of tasks can help achieve the work-life balance goal. Of course, even the best organization cannot protect against spontaneous chaos, but with an emergency plan, tricky conflict situations can be solved better and more calmly.


Time is a precious commodity.

For many working parents, the day should have 48 hours instead of 24. Because parents often have the feeling that time is just running away. Career and job, family and children at the same time. Both require a lot of energy, and one of the two sides usually needs to be addressed.

If we don’t reach our daily goal, it can undoubtedly lead to an evil conscience and frustration. This, in turn, can be transferred directly to the children and their mood, complicating the whole issue because negative stress from adults can also be transferred to their children and lead to symptoms similar to those in adults. Headaches, upset stomachs and insomnia can all cause a lot of pressure and stress in children.

Children have a different sense of time.

When there is no time, and you must hurry to get to kindergarten and work on time, do your children dawdle? All parents are familiar with this phenomenon. Following a natural impulse, children are often reminded to hurry. But this puts the children under unnecessary pressure and can cause stress.

Even if it’s difficult, make a game out of the lack of time and motivate the children to run faster with a race. Children first have to learn to organize themselves step by step, and only when they start primary school can they develop a realistic sense of time.


Time flexibility at work

Many companies have now recognized that it is essential to support employees in terms of the compatibility of family and work. Various working models, such as flexible working hours or flexible mobility, can help to achieve a work-life balance. Teleworking or sharing a desk between two part-time workers can accommodate parents’ needs.

Some companies also offer a company kindergarten for parents or support them with financial subsidies for crèches or kindergarten facilities. Family-friendly companies have recognized the added value: if organizational problems such as childcare have been solved, parents are available as satisfied employees with high-performance potential.

Each family member becomes a manager.

To experience and live a work-life balance, involving the entire family in the weekly planning is helpful. Older children can take on some tasks independently and are proud to have contributed to the family. When everyone knows what they have to do personally, there is more time together. Spending time together only sometimes means filling it with great attractions such as a visit to the zoo or a bike ride. Even “annoying” everyday tasks such as hanging up the laundry or making the beds can be done together; it’s fun and saves time, too!

time for yourself

Successful time management also includes dedicated time for each family member. Children need time off, too. While your children are watching or reading a book, you can treat yourself to a cup of tea and a few quiet minutes. Of course, work-life balance also means spending time as a couple. Grandparents or neighbours will undoubtedly be happy to babysit you. In many cities, there are associations and organizations that offer mediation services on the subject of time management and family to realistically implement the goal of families in work-life balance.


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