Zodiac signs – how do they affect health?

Zodiac signs - how do they affect health

For some people, horoscopes are an unnecessary  hoax  and a waste of time, but modern science is devoted to the connection between human behavior, health, and the zodiac sign. For example, which zodiac sign is particularly susceptible to  colds ? Who should pay special attention to mental health and which zodiac sign is particularly sensitive in the area of ​​digestion? You can find out more about a possible connection between the zodiac sign and health here.

The following also applies to all astrology fans: In the event of illness, you should not rely on the stars, but always seek medical advice.

Aries – with his head against the wall

Aries are usually stubborn, often want to assert their opinion and are quick-tempered. Not surprising that an Aries often with

  • mental problems
  • sleep disorders ,
  • Headache,
  • Sinus infection, 
  • Injuries caused by an increased sports workload

has to fight. People with this sign of the zodiac are considered resistant to advice and take full advantage of the injury or illness in order to later demand a quick healing process. However, this combination can become a burden for physical and mental health. Green tea, nettle tea or ginseng are said to help calm Aries. Caution is advised with stimulants such as energy drinks, for example.

Taurus – prone in the throat and nape

The bull is said to often suffer from pain in the neck and neck area – the tonsils are therefore often affected. In addition, the Taurus metabolism is said to go haywire, which could lead to weight gain and diseases such as  type 2 diabetes  mellitus or thyroid disorders.

Sage and turmeric can help with minor pain and discomfort, and chicory is also suitable. Taurus should better avoid sugar and fats!

Gemini – often struggle with breathing difficulties

In twins, the bronchial and respiratory systems are said to be affected, which can lead to increased pleurisy and pneumonia as well as bronchitis. Asthma,  allergies  and intolerances can also occur and affect the twin. Mental problems, such as manic depression, can also occur.

As with Aries, nettle tea and valerian can also provide relief for Gemini with slight complaints, Gemini should avoid caffeine.

Cancer – Stress causes stomach problems

Especially the softer structures of the cancer are susceptible to disease and inflammation. The female breast, testicles or parts of the brain and the digestive system are said to be particularly at risk.

The mental stress and problems literally hit the cancer in the stomach. Digestive problems, but also  diarrhea diseases  can then occur. The following types of tea are said to help with stomach problems:

  • peppermint
  • Camomile
  • lemon balm
  • dandelion

Cancer should avoid onions, cabbage and other flatulent foods.

Leo – health bites back

Lions are said to suffer particularly often from physical ailments such as back and vertebral problems. The heart and spleen can also be affected – heart problems are said to be not uncommon in lions. In addition, the actually strong zodiac sign tends to mental problems such as  depression . Chamomile, dandelion, linden blossom and valerian are said to tame the lion’s health in mild symptoms. The zodiac sign should avoid leafy vegetables, cocoa, cabbage and citrus fruits.

Virgo – sensitive around the gut

The Virgo is said to be particularly vulnerable in the abdominal area, including:

  • small intestine
  • pancreas
  • Solar plexus (nerve network in the upper abdomen)

Intestinal diseases and complaints are therefore not uncommon for people with the zodiac sign Virgo. Ginger , dandelion, and peppermint tea can help with gastrointestinal issues.

Libra – kidneys, ureters & Co. imbalanced

People with the zodiac sign Libra are said to often suffer from problems in the kidneys, urethra and ducts as well as the ovaries. The lower back and colon can also be affected. Discomfort of the urinary tract can be alleviated with the help of these types of tea:

  • Maisseide
  • Ginseng
  • rose hip
  • plug root
  • licorice
  • cranberry
  • marigold

The scales should stay away from  berries , raisins and almonds.

Scorpio – sensitive in the genital area

Scorpios are said to rarely suffer from mental problems and also have minor symptoms in the area of ​​infectious diseases, but inflammation and pain in the lower intestine and genitals can occur in this zodiac sign. Cranberry, ginseng, nettle and marigold can support, while cherries, citrus fruits and  cabbage  increase the symptoms.

Sagittarius – often neuromuscular disorders

Sagittarians are said to suffer particularly from problems in the lower extremities, as well as the buttocks and sciatica. The coordination of the shooters could also be affected. With dandelion, sage and marigold, the shooters hit the bull’s eye – minor complaints should be alleviated. However, raisins, figs,  cucumbers ,  and cabbages can make them worse.

Capricorn – with brittle nails and bones

In Capricorn, the skeletal system, teeth, ligament structures and the gallbladder can be particularly affected. Ginger, lemon balm, and elderberry can reduce inflammation and minimize discomfort. Citrus fruits,  asparagus  and berries, on the other hand, can strengthen them.

Aquarius – when the cycle goes haywire

In Aquarius, in addition to complaints in the ankles and calves, the venous circulation, the parathyroid gland and, to some extent, the nervous system are also said to be affected. Lavender, sage, and  rose hips  can help fight mild symptoms. However, an Aquarius should keep their hands off eggs and other high-protein foods.

Fish – sensitive immune system

Pisces should be able to feel inward and perceive symptoms more intensely. Feet, toes as well as the lymphatic and immune systems are said to be weakened. The pineal gland, which produces melatonin and  serotonin in the brain  , can also lead to increased problems. Ginger, dandelion and sage whip the immune system into shape. Leaf and root vegetables as well as oats and chia seeds should, however, be avoided by Pisces.


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